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Article TAA letak tiga tabung di Little India untuk jangkau India/Islam
By: NUR DHUHA ESOOF,   Berita Harian  (SETEMPAT)  08/06/2015
Hamid, majlis pelancaran serupa akan diadakan di Pusat Warisan India dalam minggu pertama Ramadan bagi meningkatkan kesedaran tentang kehadiran tabung TAA di kawasan Little India. "Kami meluaskan pengumpulan dana ke kawasan Little India kali ini bagi menunjukkan kepada masyarakat India/Islam kita bahawa Aidilfitri juga diraikan oleh mereka. Ini merupakan   (414 words)
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Article Keep Little India as it is / Restaurant rooted in Little India
The Straits Times  (FEATURES LIFE)  08/01/2017
57, says his restaurant will always have a presence in Little India. Jaggi's also has two outlets in the Central Business District. He says: "No other place in Singapore has the same authenticity and vibrancy as this neighbourhood. It's one of a kind. "People who visit Little India regularly have their routines – they have grocers they prefer   (512 words)
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Online State Bank of India Singapore offers remittance to India via ATMs
By: SIOW LI SEN,   The Business Times Online  (COMPANIES & MARKETS,BANKING & FINANCE)  02/03/2017
STATE Bank of India (SBI) Singapore on Thursday launched a new service, remittances to India via its ATMs. And the potential is huge; Singapore-India remittances in 2015 was worth US$828 million, according to World Bank data, said Anjana Tandon, SBI Singapore head, retail banking. SBI, India's largest bank has 20-25 per cent of the India-Singapore remittance   (383 words)
Article State Bank of India offers remittance service to India via ATMs
By: SIOW LI SEN,   The Business Times  (TOP STORIES)  03/03/2017
Singapore-India remittance business, not India-Singapore remittance business. {Editorial email dated 03/03/2017} [/SPHUseOnly] @SiowLiSenBT Singapore STATE Bank of India (SBI) Singapore on Thursday launched a new service, remittance to India via its ATMs, a first here. And the potential is huge; Singapore-India remittances   (603 words)
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Article Keeping in step with the India beat / S'pore, India firms can be partners for success
By: TAN SOON KIM,   The Straits Times  (BUSINESS)  03/10/2016
THE MAKING OF INDIA "Make in India" is more than a fancy tagline. It is a critical policy that seeks to restructure India's economy, traditionally heavy in service and agriculture, towards higher value-added production. If successful, it will truly propel India into the forefront of the world economy. Make in India also addresses the flip   (1649 words)
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Article Singapore, India deepen ties with Strategic Partnership / S'pore, India deepen ties with strategic pact
By: AMIT ROY CHOUDHURY,   The Business Times  (FRONT PAGE)  25/11/2015
looked forward to India playing an active role in the region, promoting regional security and peace, linking its economy with the rest of Asia, and helping to shape an open and inclusive regional architecture. "My predecessor, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, was an early advocate for India's 'Look East' policy and helped to bring India in as Asean's Dialogue   (1078 words)
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Article India roll on
The New Paper  (SPORTS)  02/11/2016
India continued their run of good form as they edged past Malaysia 2-0 in the Women's Asian Champions Trophy at the Sengkang Hockey Stadium. In another match, a developmental Chinese team was defeated 2-0 by Japan. With the victory, India, ranked 12th in the world, sit top of the table with seven points, followed by Japan (10) with four points   (169 words)
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Article India thirsts
Tabla  (INDIA)  06/05/2016
of India. The government says that about 330 million people are suffering from drought after the last two monsoons failed. Several states have recorded temperatures well in excess of 40°C. Kerala is not one of them yet it is one of those affected by heatwave conditions and wants the central government to declare it as drought hit. India's Cabinet   (621 words)
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Article India marches on
Tabla  (SINGAPORE)  17/07/2015
THE name is a mouthful for a generation and more of Indians who religiously followed the country's five-year plans for 65 years. India's Planning Commission gave way to the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog after the new government took over last year. And heading it is the country's prime minister, the same way the Planning   (549 words)
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Article Transforming India
Tabla  (FRONT PAGE)  04/09/2015
The country is on the brink of an urban revolution with its Smart Cities initiative that targets 100 cities REPORTS: PAGES 12 & 13   (24 words)
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