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Article 腾飞印度信托Ascendas India U
By: 银,   Lianhe Zaobao  Lianhe Zaobao  (财经)  28/02/2017
按图索骥   本栏于去年9月15日曾论及这只股票截至去年9月1日已四度升试1.085元。因此,(C)大波当在突破上述的1.09元后,才会有可观升幅。当时股价为1.04元左右。果然,   (283 words)
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Article 腾飞印度信托(Ascendas India Trust) 料未来三年继续增长
By: 苏世鹏,   Lianhe Wanbao  Lianhe Wanbao  (晚报新闻)  22/03/2016
每日股票焦点 新登场 苏世鹏 报道 24小时热线电话/ 传照片:92288736   本专栏每周一至五,每天介绍两只值得关注的股票,与读者一起看股。(资料由证券行提供。本报意见,只供参考)   腾飞印度信托三年来每单位可派发收入(DPU)年均复合增长率(CAGR)为11%,收益率仍然是吸引人的6.6%。   过去一年,腾飞印度信托宣布多项发展计划,包括收购印度真奈(Chennai)网络谷(CyberVale)资产,并持续发展现有组合。   预料,腾飞印度信托接下来三年,还能维持与取得11%的每单位可派发收入年均复合增长率;主要的风险为印度货币的大波动以及印度经   (1237 words)
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Article Keep Little India as it is / Restaurant rooted in Little India
The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (FEATURES LIFE)  08/01/2017
57, says his restaurant will always have a presence in Little India. Jaggi's also has two outlets in the Central Business District. He says: "No other place in Singapore has the same authenticity and vibrancy as this neighbourhood. It's one of a kind. "People who visit Little India regularly have their routines – they have grocers they prefer   (512 words)
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Asia News Network Nepal-India security group meeting: India positive on loan waiver
By: KAMAL DEV BHATTARAI,   The Kathmandu Post (Nepal)  The Kathmandu Post (Nepal)/Asia News Network  10/06/2016
India has taken Nepal's request for loan waiver on its military hardware procurement in the past positively, according to Nepali officials who attended the 12th meeting of the Nepal-India Bilateral Consultative Group (BCG) on Security that concluded here on Thursday. During the meeting, the Nepali side requested India for the supply of military hardware   (293 words)
Online State Bank of India Singapore offers remittance to India via ATMs
By: SIOW LI SEN,   The Business Times Online  The Business Times Online  (COMPANIES & MARKETS,BANKING & FINANCE)  02/03/2017
STATE Bank of India (SBI) Singapore on Thursday launched a new service, remittances to India via its ATMs. And the potential is huge; Singapore-India remittances in 2015 was worth US$828 million, according to World Bank data, said Anjana Tandon, SBI Singapore head, retail banking. SBI, India's largest bank has 20-25 per cent of the India-Singapore remittance   (383 words)
Article State Bank of India offers remittance service to India via ATMs
By: SIOW LI SEN,   The Business Times  The Business Times  (TOP STORIES)  03/03/2017
Singapore-India remittance business, not India-Singapore remittance business. {Editorial email dated 03/03/2017} [/SPHUseOnly] @SiowLiSenBT Singapore STATE Bank of India (SBI) Singapore on Thursday launched a new service, remittance to India via its ATMs, a first here. And the potential is huge; Singapore-India remittances   (603 words)
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Article Keeping in step with the India beat / S'pore, India firms can be partners for success
By: TAN SOON KIM,   The Straits Times  The Straits Times  (BUSINESS)  03/10/2016
THE MAKING OF INDIA "Make in India" is more than a fancy tagline. It is a critical policy that seeks to restructure India's economy, traditionally heavy in service and agriculture, towards higher value-added production. If successful, it will truly propel India into the forefront of the world economy. Make in India also addresses the flip   (1649 words)
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Asia News Network India minister attends Rouhani's inauguration in Tehran, reiterates India's commitment to speedily develop Chabahar
By: NEWS DESK,   The Statesman (India)  The Statesman (India)/Asia News Network  07/08/2017
because of American pressure, India has conveyed to Iran its commitment to complete and operationalise at the earliest the ambitious project that will provide it a crucial transport link to Afghanistan and Central Asia, bypassing Pakistan. Road Transport, Highways and shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari, who represented India at the inauguration of the   (285 words)
Online Tillerson's visit to India expected to strengthen ties between the US and India
By: NIRMALA GANAPATHY,   The Straits Times Online  The Straits Times Online  (ASIA)  22/10/2017
Afghanistan, India wants the global community, particularly the US, to push Pakistan on dismantling the terror infrastructure that has targeted India. India has continued to accuse elements in Pakistan of encouraging terror groups.

"The visit to Pakistan is going to be touchy for India. And there will be commentary on that. But India needs to look   (527 words)
Asia News Network India, Japan to discuss multi-faceted cooperation on 12th Indo-Japan summit in India
By: NEWS DESK,   The Statesman (India)  The Statesman (India)/Asia News Network  12/09/2017
will obviously be keenly monitored in Beijing given its complex relationship with both India and Japan. The summit assumes greater importance against the backdrop of the fact that Japan had strongly backed India during its recent military stand-off with China at Doklam- and the country needs to drum up allies on the South China Sea.   The Modi-Abe   (375 words)
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