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Article 超薄高覆盖遮瑕液
Lianhe Wanbao  Lianhe Wanbao  (体面人生)  18/02/2018

测试产品:Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion EX   (54 words)
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Picture The Business Times  (WEEKEND WELLNESS)  21/01/2017
festivities. Cheah Ui-Hoon and Avanti Nim check out some exclusive treatments offered by top beauty brands and spas. Get Sulwhasoo Sulwhasoo Boutique, #B2-02, Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, T:6509 9979 Visitors to Sulwhasoo's brand new second boutique in ION Orchard don't have to stop at just buying their favourite serum. Within the store is
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Picture The Business Times  (BEAUTY)  14/05/2016
the new generation IPL is super-quick and the chest area can be completed within half an hour. Sulwhasoo MEN From S$40 for Sulwhasoo MEN Refreshing Cleansing Foam IT looks like men are also in need of har mony and balance, as prescribed by Sulwhasoo. The luxury Korean skincare brand that utilises traditional healing in gredients will be launching
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Picture The Business Times  (DESIGN)  11/11/2016
time in the afternoon. Yujin Jeong, spokeswoman for Amorepacific, which owns the Sulwhasoo brand, said the Sulwha Cultural Exhibition was started 10 years ago to give contemporary artists a platform to reinterpret traditions and cultural heritage. "As Sulwhasoo's brand and products are rooted in tradition, this is a way to reach out to and
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Article 雪花秀为本地文化遗产保护出力
By: 黄亿敏,   Lianhe Zaobao  Lianhe Zaobao  (时尚)  13/10/2017
黄亿敏   韩国美容品牌雪花秀(Sulwhasoo)向来重视传统工艺及艺术,每年定时举办雪花文化展。今年的雪花文化展首次推广到东南亚,并推出限量套装,把部分收益赞助韩国以外的文化遗产保护项目。在新加坡,品牌的赞助对象是新加坡植物园,并承诺将捐出至少1万元。
  从即日起至本月31日,可于本地的雪花秀专卖店及百货专柜,购得限量套装,共两款选择,分别是Essential套装(售$68),以及First Care Activating Serum EX套装(售$115)。
  今年的雪花文化展主题是韩国人熟悉的传统故事《仙女与樵夫》(A Fairy and a   (42 words)
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Article 人参修护霜 助你容光焕发
My Paper  My Paper  (购物情报)  14/10/2016
  韩国奢华美容品牌雪花秀(Sulwhasoo)推出第4代招牌产品Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX人参修护霜。   产品蕴含来自人参根部与花朵的抗老成分,浓缩度比之前高5倍,有效恢复肌肤的自然重生能力,并强化肌肤防护功能。   以创新科技研发出的新产品,还能改善初老现象,如皮肤干燥,松弛和暗沉。   产品以2种质地与香气推出,其中,EX人参修护霜的质地和香气浓郁,来自人参根的淳淳香味叫人为之一振,其滋润配方能渗透肌肤最深处,让肌肤保湿,看起来容光焕发。   另一款EX   (291 words)
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Article 改善 暗沉肌肤
By: 戴雅雯,   Lianhe Wanbao  Lianhe Wanbao  (晚报副刊)  07/08/2017
美丽橱窗 文/戴雅雯   每天都像年轮般增长的眼周皱纹和暗沉迹象让你感到担忧吗?
  韩国护肤品牌雪花秀(Sulwhasoo)新推出的臻秀修护眼部精华露(Timetreasure Renovating Eye Serum)就蕴含了源自赤松的活颜凝萃(De-Aging   (32 words)
Page: 13
Article 雪花秀 再开新分店
By: 叶晓虹,   Lianhe Wanbao  Lianhe Wanbao  (晚报生活)  05/12/2016
消息站 文:叶晓虹   韩国奢华美容品牌雪花秀(Sulwhasoo)日前于爱雍·乌节(ION Orchard)开设全新分店,让顾客在舒适环境下享受精致护理。   新分店占地约1300平方英尺,是本地第二家设有美疗房,提供精致韩方美颜护理兼售产品的分店。此外,那里还独家提供红参足浴和脸部护理,以韩方草药成分舒缓足部疲劳和深层滋养和润泽干燥,暗哑肌肤。   各式美肤护理配合传统按摩棒,如:玉扳指,白瓷,琥珀等,与Concentrated Ginseng Renewing and   (299 words)
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Article 乌节路诗家董设美容专区
Lianhe Zaobao  Lianhe Zaobao  (时尚)  25/08/2017
时尚快讯 黄亿敏   百货公司里的美容部,不再只限美容专柜,更多的美容品牌也设置专店和美容服务。乌节路诗家董(TANGS At Tang Plaza)四楼新设的美容专区,聚集了众多美容专店和美容服务。
  过去,乌节路诗家董曾于七楼设美容专区Seviin,现在"移师"四楼并有新品牌加入,如美容医生李小娟的DrHair及DrSpa服务,日本主打橄榄油美容产品的Inoue Olive,采用天然成分的Three,擅长接假睫毛的Qween等。美容达人熟悉的美容品牌Shiseido,La   (56 words)
Page: 2

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Picture The Straits Times  (LIFE BUZZ)  24/12/2016
STRAITS TIMES STYLE / SULWHASOO POWER OF PINE WORKSHOP Get an exclusive 50ml Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foamwhen you register* andmake payment before 27Dec. * Strictly on first-come-firstserve basis. you register andmake payment before 27Dec. * Strictly on first-come-firstserve basis. A CUSHION FOR TIMELESS BEAUTY Sulwhasoo has transformed some
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