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Picture The Straits Times  (CLASSIFIED)  24/02/2017
Nevertheless, it is meaningful work. DSP SERGIUS WAT assistant director policy development division Ministry of Home Affairs He is in the Public Service Leadership Programme. Officers in the programme are given opportunities to acquire specialised knowledge and capabilities to take on key leadership positions in SPF. DSP Wat started his SPF career as
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Picture The Straits Times  (SCHOLARS' CHOICE 1)  06/01/2018
new directives. As an ICA officer, DSP Kalaivanan has to keep abreast of security incidents around the world. "At all times, it is imperative to have clarity of thought so we can identify critical information, make an assessment and recommend the right solution," he says. The most satisfying aspect of DSP Kalaivanan's job is seeing how policies
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Picture Berita Harian  (FULL PAGE ADS)  12/05/2017
dividen biasa 584,054 – – (584,054) – – – Saham diterbitkan kepada pengarah bukan eksekutif 535 – – – 535 – 535 Saham dipindahkan ke Amanah DSP – (5,630) – – (5,630) – (5,630) Saham diberi hak di bawah Skim DSP – 42,736 – – 42,736 – 42,736 Saham perbendaharaan dipindah/dijual 75,016 (64,771) – – 10,245 – 10,245 Jumlah sumbangan oleh dan pengagihan
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Picture The Business Times  (FULL PAGE ADS)  12/05/2017
issued in-lieu of ordinary dividends 584,054 – – (584,054) – – – Shares issued to non-executive directors 535 – – – 535 – 535 Shares transferred to DSP Trust – (5,630) – – (5,630) – (5,630) Shares vested under DSP Scheme – 42,736 – – 42,736 – 42,736 Treasury shares transferred/sold 75,016 (64,771) – – 10,245 – 10,245 Total contributions by and distributions
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Picture The Straits Times  (CLASSIFIED)  24/02/2017
fatalities while maintaining law and order on the roads has been one of his most rewarding career experiences. DSP Sim was involved in planning and operationalising the deployment of traffic sensors — such as digital Red DSP Sim (left) helps to make Singapore roads safer for everyone. PHOTO: MHA In a nutshell MHA is introducing a new Home
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Picture The Straits Times  (SCHOLARSHIPS & TOP UNIVERSITIES FAIR 2017)  23/07/2017
programmes. In addition, the scholarship allows the officer to draw a full salary during his studies. It comes with a six-year bond. DSP Ang is now into his seventh year of service. Studying overseas meant DSP Ang had to adapt quickly to new challenges and be more independent. "Other than academic aspects, I picked up life skills and broadened
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Picture Berita Harian  (SETEMPAT)  16/05/2016 SELANG beberapa minggu berkhidmat dalam jawatan barunya di Jabatan Logistik Polis, Timbalan Superintenden (DSP) Rimyzad Abdul Hamid perlu menghadapi tugasan yang amat mencabar. Sebagai ketua operasi logistik jabatan tersebut, DSP Rimyzad harus mengumpulkan pasukan bagi menyediakan peralatan logistik yang diperlukan bagi misi mencari dan menyelamat
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Picture Berita Harian  (SETEMPAT)  17/05/2016
EFARAH REZAL EJEN perubahan – begitulah Timbalan Superintenden Penjara (DSP) Abd Razak Ahmad, 48 tahun, menilai dirinya. Setelah berkhidmat dalam Perkhidmatan Penjara Singapura selama 22 tahun, beliau terus yakin dengan matlamatnya iaitu membantu penghuni penjara merubah kehidupan mereka. Setiap hari beliau berinteraksi dengan
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Picture Tamil Murasu  06/05/2016
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Picture The New Paper  (NEWS)  26/09/2016
Superintendent (DSP) Madeline Low, 30s, had only one job to do — to run with Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Tay Yuan Qi and veteran actor Li Nanxing to nab a "suspect". She and ASP Tay wanted to hold back because they thought Li would not be able to keep up with them. To their surprise, Li sprinted and they had to keep up with him. DSP Low, the
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