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Article Judicial integrity and potential pitfalls
By: K.C. VIJAYAN,   The Straits Times  (THINK)  03/05/2015
and a proper respect for the integrity of others." But knowing what integrity means and requires is only half the story; a judge must also consider the potential pitfalls to integrity. Such threats are not seen just from the obvious, like taking bribes or abusing judicial power. "On the contrary, the lack of integrity is usually manifested far   (1592 words)
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Article Valuable lessons in integrity and vigilance
The Straits Times  (FORUM)  04/08/2016
errors at polyclinic"; last Saturday). It is valuable to realise that, despite all the measures instituted, no system is foolproof and mistakes can still occur. The integrity of the organisation's staff forms the last line of defence. I was impressed by the nurses who voluntarily told the clinic that the wrong vaccine had been given. Their   (660 words)
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Article More stringent checks on character, integrity
By: PEARL LEE,   The Straits Times  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  16/09/2016
White Paper on the elected presidency Potential presidential candidates will have their reputation, character and integrity assessed more stringently by the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC), which will also double in size and be given more powers. These were among the Constitutional Commission recommendations the Government accepted in its   (624 words)
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Article Ng: Integrity needs to be inherent
By: SHAMIR OSMAN,   The New Paper  (SPORTS)  23/03/2017
football. He said: "There has been chatter in the last week about the integrity and intention of my team and I. "We can assure you that our sole intention is to modernise the Singapore game from grassroots up, as well as from the administration and leadership levels. "Integrity needs to be inherent in the credentials of any person who chooses to   (899 words)
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Article WP MPs 'have not shown integrity'
By: CHARISSA YONG,   The Straits Times  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  24/07/2016
Council's accounts Shanmugam urges party's elected MPs to come clean on irregular payments flagged by KPMG in ongoing audit Workers' Party (WP) leaders have not shown integrity or ethics in managing their town council's finances and fixing lapses, Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam said yesterday. In a strongly-worded Facebook post, he   (915 words)
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Article 'Perform with pride, passion and integrity'
The New Paper  (SPORTS)  21/05/2015
Committee's recommendation. Tan also told the athletes: "Every sport is important whether we are winning or not. "Fly our flag high and perform with pride, passion and integrity."   (153 words)
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Article Go the extra mile for integrity: Dr Ng
By: CHARISSA YONG,   ???ME???  (FRONT PAGE)  31/08/2015
the extra mile in keeping high standards of integrity – not just within the letter of the law, but also above and beyond. "Whenever we are in charge of public monies or have public trust, let's go the extra mile in reassuring Singaporeans that we're going to keep to the high standards of honesty, integrity, accountability that our founding fathers   (699 words)
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Article Building's structural integrity not affected, says BCA
By: JANICE TAI, ANNABETH LEOW, MARCUS TAN,   The Straits Times  (TOP OF THE NEWS)  26/09/2016
professional engineer on site to oversee the operation, said Tampines Town Council. The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) said the incident did not affect the structural integrity of the building. The dislodged structure is part of the building's exterior architectural facade. "BCA has directed the building owner – Tampines Town Council – to engage   (675 words)
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Article Integrity and character essential in all leaders
The Straits Times  (THINK)  10/05/2015
encouraging to read Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon's comments ("Judicial integrity and potential pitfalls"; last Sunday). What was particularly striking was how he highlighted integrity as indispensable in the dispensation of justice and in the daily workings in the lives of judges. Integrity is essential, not just in the judiciary but also in those in   (500 words)
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Article Ng Eng Hen: Integrity critical in political parties
By: CHARISSA YONG,   The Straits Times  (GE 2015)  31/08/2015
the PAP, he says The People's Action Party expects its candidates to have high standards of integrity, and to go out of their way to send a signal that even the slightest whiff of wrongdoing will not be tolerated. "When it comes to issues of integrity, if there are questions raised that certain things were missed, even if it's within the law, if   (1046 words)
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