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Picture The Business Times  (TOP STORIES)  10/02/2017
introduced in polytechnics and universities 7 SKILLSFUTURE Earn and Learn Programme2 Up to subsidies SKILLSFUTURE Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy 4 90% About courses 9,000 Over Singaporeans 69,000 SKILLSFUTURE Credit5 126,000 SKILLSFUTURE credit-approved courses available >18,000 SKILLSFUTURE Study Awards6 Over Singaporeans 700 20 27 Logistics
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Picture The Straits Times  (CLASSIFIED)  22/10/2016
varying needs of Singapore's workforce. 5. HOW DO YOU SIGN UP FOR SKILLSFUTURE? Visit to search for a course or initiative that interests you. There are currently more than 16,000 courses and a myriad of other schemes available. 5 things to know about SkillsFuture If you're looking for a dish
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Picture The Straits Times  (CLASSIFIED)  22/07/2017
Up to 30 awards will be given out annually. O t h e r i n i t i a t i v e s i n c l u d e Future@Work Programme, P-Max and SkillsFuture SME Mentors. Visit for more information. Photo: Thinkstock Photos: Thinkstock ✿ Aromatherapy ✿ Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage ✿ Sports Massage ✿ Infant Massage ✿ Hot Stone Massage
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Picture The Straits Times  (CLASSIFIED)  28/04/2018
Diploma); • Undergraduate degrees; and • Postgraduate degrees by Coursework (e.g. Post-Graduate Diploma or Masters by Coursework). For more information visit Upgrade your skills Kimage Hairdressing School 199607046R ERF Validity 28-07-2016 to 27-07-2019 W E enquiry@kimage
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Picture The Straits Times  (CLASSIFIED)  12/11/2016
midcareer transition, you can do more to develop your skill sets for your personal and professional development. Here are some useful SkillsFuture terms to know. SKILLSFUTURE CREDIT SkillsFuture is a national initiative that aims to equip Singapore citizens with technical and soft skills so they can better prepare for challenges at the workplace
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Picture The Straits Times  (CLASSIFIED)  05/11/2016
related courses. A variety of programmes are available for students and workers in the early or mid-career stages. Visit to search for a course or initiative that interests you. SKILLSFUTURE PROGRAMMES AND INITIATIVES These resources will help you to make informed decisions so you can learn, relearn and unlearn continuously
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Picture The Straits Times  (FULL PAGE ADS)  19/03/2018
learning becomes a tool for self-discovery, and a resource for continual growth. PHOTO: SKILLSFUTURE SINGAPORE As part of her own self-improvement, Dr Teo devotes time from her busy schedule to upgrade herself, take skills lessons, courses and exams. PHOTO: SKILLSFUTURE SINGAPORE TedDavisprofiles two recipients of last year's SkillsFuture Fellowshipswho
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Picture The Straits Times  (CLASSIFIED)  29/10/2016
and more. Each initiative is aimed at the varying needs of Singapore's workforce. 5. HOW DO YOU SIGN UP FOR SKILLSFUTURE? Visit to search for a course or initiative that interests you. Staying ahead of the competition with SkillsFuture Upgrade yourself by picking up technical and soft skills
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Picture The Straits Times  (CLASSIFIED)  05/08/2017
Aged <40 or PRs Course Fee after Subsidy for Singaporean aged >=40 Course Fee after Subsidy for Singaporean aged >=35, Salary<= $2K Course Fee for Singaporean After Skillsfuture Credit *$255.40 *$105.40 *$74.40 *$0 Training Venue: 60 Albert Street #17-01 OG Albert Complex, Singapore 189969 (Near Rochor MRT Station) Training Date: 27-29 Sep
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Picture Berita Harian  (SETEMPAT)  03/01/2017
juga boleh mengumpulkan kredit anda setiap kali tokokan dibuat pada kredit anda. Penjelasan lanjut boleh diperolehi dengan melungsuri laman SEKILAS KURSUS SKILLSFUTURE * Keselamatan Sijil dalam Operasi Kese lamatan – KnowledgeTree Sijil Lanjutan Penyelia Keselamatan – KnowledgeTree *Reka Bentuk Animasi 3D
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