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Article Trump will be Trump will be Trump
By: LEON HADAR,   The Business Times  (OPINION)  22/06/2016
illegal immigrants to Mexico, barring all Muslims from entering the US, and launching costly trade wars, would suddenly be transformed into the New Trump, the Classy Trump, the Wonkish Trump, the  Presidential Trump. "You'll see!" they have been promising everyone. Forget his public persona, his bullying and profanity. It's all an act. Think of an actor   (1510 words)
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Online Toxic Trump and trumped up foes
By: WARREN FERNANDEZ,   The Straits Times Online  15/10/2016
widely regarded as the 'leader of the free world'. So the rise of Mr Trump threatens to damage the prestige of democracy everywhere," he wrote this week. As I see it, the toxicity of Mr Trump's campaign stems from the way he has framed the debate around what might be called "trumped-up foes". In his dystopian world, globalisation, immigration, free trade   (1063 words)
Article Trump rally stalled by Trump
By: ROB CURRAN,   The Business Times  (TOP STORIES)  16/01/2017
week but could return after Mr Trump's inauguration. The event provided little of the legislative programme that investors awaited; at times, it devolved into a shouting match between Mr Trump and a CNN newsman, who the incoming president castigated for coverage of his alleged Russian links. The only specifics Mr Trump provided were denials of the   (877 words)
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Article US allies can help internationalism to trump 'Trumpism'
The Business Times  (OPINION)  10/02/2016
recently by considering a proposal to bar Mr Trump from entering the country. But a growing willingness of the part of America's allies to pay more attention to Washington's concerns about their trade policies and their resistance to raising their defence budgets, could help convince American voters that Mr Trump and the other populists are wrong and that   (559 words)
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Article Shockwave of Trump's victory sends markets reeling / Trump's victory sends markets reeling
By: KENNETH LIM,   The Business Times  (FRONT PAGE)  10/11/2016
calmed nerves. Analysts reckon that a Trump presidency may abandon some of the campaign's more extremist positions, and that his plans for aggressive infrastructure spending might even boost the economy in the near term. Equities Asian markets opened on Wednesday, reflecting expectations that Mr Trump's chief rival, Hillary Clinton, would win   (1145 words)
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Article The Rise of Trump and Its Global Implications - Trump, The Perfect Enemy
By: ROHAN GUNARATNA,   RSIS Commentaries  17/11/2016
The Rise of Trump and Its Global Implications Trump, The Perfect Enemy By Rohan Gunaratna Synopsis The apocalyptic vision of Muslim terrorists and extremists has come true with the victory of Donald Trump as the next US president. They jubilantly hail this as the "end of America!" Commentary DONALD TRUMP, whom the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS)  
Article The Rise of Trump and Its Global Implications Trump's Victory: Future of US-Pakistan Relations
By: ABDUL BASIT,   RSIS Commentaries  29/11/2016
The Rise of Trump and Its Global Implications Trump's Victory: Future of US-Pakistan Relations By Abdul Basit Synopsis Pakistan features quite low on the US priority list. Under the Trump presidency, the low-key US-Pakistan relations are likely to continue. However, the security-centric ties will be trouble-prone and bumpy. Commentary BREXIT SHOOK Europe;  
Online 'Trumped up trickle down' and other wisecracks at first Trump-Clinton US presidential debate
By: ANNABETH LEOW,   The Straits Times Online  (WORLD)  27/09/2016
September 26, 2016 Sniffs and sighs Mr Trump's heavy sniffling throughout the night earned him a parody Twitter account, @TrumpSniff, amid accusations that his sniffs were his "tell" that gave away his flustered demeanour. *sniiiifffff* — Trump Sniff TrumpSniff) September 27, 2016 Some commenters suggested that Mr Trump used cocaine, an illegal drug that   (881 words)
Online 'OMG! It's Trump!': Newspapers around the world react to Donald Trump's victory
By: ANNABETH LEOW,   The Straits Times Online  (WORLD)  10/11/2016
INQUIRER (THE PHILIPPINES) - "OMG! IT'S TRUMP!" Both The Philippine Star and Philippine Daily Inquirer ran the same headlines on page one, although the Inquirer threw in two exclamation marks for good measure. JUST IN: US President-elect Trump on today's Inquirer front page. Full issue tps:// #TrumpPresident #TheMorningAfter c.twitter   (827 words)
Article Taking stock after the Trump shock / How Trump's proposals could affect markets
By: LORNA TAN,   The Straits Times  (INVEST)  13/11/2016
infrastructure spending and Mr Trump's more favourable views on shale energy. However, US treasuries could suffer the most in this inflationary environment, especially since the US fiscal deficit will likely rise under Mr Trump owing to increased spending, he added. The outlook for emerging markets is more uncertain as Mr Trump's potentially protectionist   (2247 words)
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